Sunday, July 29, 2012

What a day!

For all the drama involved in getting to a closing table- the closing itself is somewhat anti-climatic.  The lawyer organized our church officers around the table and soon documents were circulated for signature.  In less than 45 minutes we closed one chapter of our church's history and turned the page to another exciting chapter.

My sermon this morning was an attempt at helping us see the clear evidence of where God has been at work in tangible ways in the history of our church.  The original purchase of the tract at Shiloh and Frey has been blessed and multiplied by God in incredible ways.  It has certainly been a "beyond all we could ask or imagine" process.

How am I feeling this afternoon?  Quite honestly, a little numb, a little scared, a little excited, a little overwhelmed- something like when you squeak-out "I do," or the doctor says, "congratulations, it's a boy... or girl!" Something big and dramatic has just happened, life will be different, the future has taken a new twist. Yes, it will be different... challenging, exciting, tiring at times... but good.

I am glad that we are in this together: pastor, people, and God.

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