Monday, November 3, 2014


It was great to be "home" Sunday as we celebrated our first service in our new facility.  I've paced the building almost daily for the last several months- walking "rooms" before they were rooms. It was a building- a beautiful, growing building but Sunday it became "home." Much like a house is just a house until it has a family- then it becomes home, so our building was just a collection of construction materials until it had a church to call it "home."

As a home it welcomed members and guests, visitors from the neighborhood and friends who came to share the special day. Each face, each smile told a story and together our stories bore witness to the Great Story as we worshiped. From the sounding of the shofar to the last notes of Shout to the Lord we celebrated the presence of God in God's house.

I guess I was surprised at how quickly it felt like home.  Maybe it was the familiar faces and the shared lives. We have a future now and our future is here.  There must be some truth to the old adage that "home is where the heart is." And our hearts are here, with one another, in a new place, on our way to the next stage in God's grand journey.

It is good to be home!