Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Love My Job!

I love my job! I love preaching and planning worship. I love the opportunity to share life with people at "big times" of sorrow and celebration and in quieter moments of meals and conversation. I love the challenge of sharing in the journey of faith with this community of faith.

One of my favorite parts of this job is the people that I work with.  God has blessed our church with a gifted, talented, service-oriented group of servants. Not all pastors are as fortunate as I in being able to genuinely enjoy those with whom he serves.

Tricia has been with us since the modular days.  Her pleasant demeanor and servant spirit help not only the ministers (though without her we'd be lost) but our church at large to more effectively accomplish our work.

Mr. Gray is the faithful steward of our facilities.  He's so much more than a custodian! Even now, with rented space, he keeps things in top shape and facilitates multiple many meetings and ministries.

Wanda continues a long line of exceptional accompanists at Towne View. She faithfully uses her gifts to support our choir, encourage our congregational singing, and inspire our worship.

Clemmie coordinates our family night suppers with the understanding that her ability to plan and prepare meals is her ministry. She "serves the Lord with gladness" as she serves the saints at Towne View.

Chris has made a tremendous impact on our church in the 15 months he has been with us so far. He has accomplished a rare feat- a youth minister loved as much by senior adults as by the youth group!

Scott is back- this time with a wife and kids! His musicianship and spirit supply leadership for our choir and for the "larger choir," aka the congregation.

Each of these folks excels at the responsibilities outlined in their respective job descriptions but bring that "something extra" that makes them- and their service- something special. Together, we take our job seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. Together we share our gifts in service to Christ and the Church. And we have a great Boss!

I love this job!