Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Speak, O Lord

This morning started with a song in my head.  You never know where such things originate but I found myself trying to reconstruct "Speak, O Lord" by Keith and Kristyn Getty.  Quite honestly, it was only that first phrase and a couple of lines of the tune that I could recall.  That in itself was frustrating, yet motivating- driving me to the hymnal and the internet as soon as I reached the office.

Speak, O Lord, as we come to You to receive the food of Your Holy Word.
Take Your truth, plant it deep in us; shape and fashion us in Your likeness,
That the light of Christ might be seen today in our acts of love and our deeds of faith.
Speak, O Lord, and fulfill in us all Your purposes for Your glory.

I am grateful that folks like the Gettys and their partner Stuart Townend are writing new hymns for the church.  Our worship services have incorporated songs of theirs like "In Christ Alone," "Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer," "O Church Arise," and "The Risen Christ."  The canon of scripture is closed- but the song-book of the church is still open! Music has a wonderful way of expressing our hopes, prayers, and worship. Sometimes what we can't shake from our heads takes root in our hearts.

Speak, O Lord, and renew our minds; help us grasp the depths of Your plans for us-
Truths unchanged from the dawn of time that will echo down thro' eternity.
And by grace we'll stand on Your promises, and by faith we'll walk as You walk with us.
Speak, O Lord, till Your church is built and the earth is filled with your glory.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

He is Risen!

Flowers bloom, birds sing,
The very voice of nature rings-
He is risen!