Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yes- I know it is the end of August, not the first of January!  But you don't have to look far to celebrate the start of new things around us!

Those big, yellow, traveling prayer reminders- most people call them school buses- mark the beginning of a new school year for children, families, teachers, and support personnel.

We are surrounded by plans for "new things" here at church as we work on building plans and arrangements for the transition period.

The arrival of Chris Robertson on our ministry team is not only a new beginning for him but for our fellowship as we further develop ministries with students (youth and college) and reach-out into our community.

I sense a renewed spirit of expectancy in our worship- easier experienced than described. Jesus makes all things new- get out the party favors- let's celebrate!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Best-laid plans

This weekend we welcome Chris Robertson to our staff as our Minister of Students and Outreach.  I am confident that Chris and Katie will quickly feel at home as they share their gifts with us.

In preparing/clearing/cleaning-out his new office I stopped to look at the marker board I had commandeered late last summer.  A quick review reminded me of what was "on my plate" as we entered the fourth quarter of 2011:

  • plans for an adult mission trip to New Orleans
  • plans for the senior adult trip to Blue Ridge
  • notes about our directions for our Site Planning Committee
  • sermon plans for the next Sunday and on through advent
  • Minister of Music and Minister of Youth search committees
  • calendaring for budget development, deacon election, and nominating committee
What was missing from my planning in August 2011? No mention of land sale/ purchase, relocation, building committee, meeting with architect, or transition committee!

God has plans we can't see... or maybe just a wicked sense of humor!