Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Geese at Church

We must have received favorable reviews on trivago or travelocity or kayak or at least the "goose" version of these travel guides.  The last couple of weeks we've been host to several groups of Canadian geese as they take a respite on their journey south.

I guess that the grass and trees and bird feed and puddles have made our church grounds an inviting place to take a break- though the squirrels- who eat most of the bird seed- will be glad to see them gone!

These geese are beautiful, though more graceful in the air than on the ground.  While here you can't escape the fact that they are noisy, messy, and sometimes belligerent- with one another and with humans who wander too close. One minute they are fussing and squawking, the next they are preening one another's feathers.

After a time of rest and renewal they will venture off again together on a journey towards home- a journey none would dare take alone.