Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reflections on Vacation Bible School

Well, three days down and two to go for Vacation Bible School 2010. Saddle Ridge Ranch has certainly provided a wild-ride! Today we had 174 children present (Tuesday was our high with 186!) and 83 workers-- a total of 256 participants. To put this in perspective we had 179 participants in our Sunday morning worship service!

But my reflections go back further than just this week. As I watch children sing and create and stand in awe of youth and grandparents and everyone in between who have shared their time and energy I think about my days in Vacation Bible School. The music was a bit slower (and softer), the lessons a little less glitzy. and for some reason I remember making belts in crafts (not sure how that fit into the curriculum!) but the message of God's love has not changed. I heard the message of God's love in the stories, read from it in the Bible, marveled at accounts of missionaries sharing it around the world, and experienced in the acceptance and encouragement from our leaders.

Is there a chance that 20-30-40 years from now a frazzled mother will recall a song from this week and contact a local church to register her child for Bible school? Or maybe that a young minister will remember this week as he (or she) prepares summer plans? Or some grandparent will remember the love she was shone and volunteer to work in VBS?

I sure hope so!