Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank God for unanswered prayers

No, I'm not singing country songs this morning!

I am, however, processing last night's business meeting.  Now when a pastor is "processing" a business meeting it can mean he's re-playing, parsing comments, and maybe just stewing over things.  But this morning I have a smile on my face and a glad spot in my heart!

As Trey left last spring we went through a process of discernment to figure-out how to handle ministry leadership.  Our Personnel Committee ably guided us through times of congregational conversation, information assimilation, and focused prayer.  The process led us to a search for a full-time Minister of Music and Education and a part-time Minister of Youth.

The respective search committees prayed, processed resumes, prayed, interviewed candidates, and prayed some more.  Along the way we discovered that matching job description, minister, and our church wasn't working-out as we had planned.  God provided another plan.

We shifted our youth minister search to a full-time position involving expanded responsibilities with college-aged young adults and outreach.  I cannot convey how excited I am that God has led Chris Robertson to join our ministry team and provide leadership in these areas!  God did answer our prayers- just not in the way we anticipated.

Last night we affirmed Jonnia Smith to serve as our Minister of Music on a part-time, interim basis.  After looking all over the country we found the right minister here at home.  Again, God did answer our prayers- just not in the way we anticipated.

As I "process" last night's meeting I am ever more confident that God will lead us faithfully into the future.  And I am thanking God for unanswered prayers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Biggest and best?

What a great day we enjoyed Sunday!

The day started with a good crowd for a wonderful worship experience.  We were Towne View "at our best" with the variety of music we sang... from the choir's rousing "Are You Washed in  the Blood" to Austin Fowler's encouraging "How He Loves Us" and congregational music that spanned the generations.

By the time we arrived at Bartow-Carver Park our Recreation Committee and helpers had prepared an abundance of burgers and hot dogs and laid-out the contributions prepared by our members.  I've never seen so many desserts!  Somebody counted 160 or so folks at the picnic- our biggest crowd ever!

To answer several questions: This was the largest group (10) that I've ever baptized at once; this was the first time I had baptized three generations of a family, three brothers, or two parents and their child. What a powerful testimony to the family and friends present... as well as to boaters, skiers, and others enjoying the lake.

The psalmist said "this is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."  This Sunday was our gift and maybe, just maybe, in the glint of the sun we caught a smile from God.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I lift-up my eyes...

I was so excited when I walked the dogs this morning--- Kennesaw Mountain was back!  There's is something comforting about its presence.

I missed it over the weekend.  On a late night walk it was gone.  Through the darkness I caught the vague outline of its two soft peaks but that was all. What happens to the mountain when the darkness falls?

One day it was raining, storming actually (why I am walking the boys' dogs-- in the rain-- is for another post!), and the familiar mountain was nowhere to be seen.  Where was the mountain during the storm?

One morning the fog was so thick I could feel the moisture tickling the hairs on my arms-- I looked out over the horizon, but no mountain.  How do you find your way when the fog hides the familiar landmarks?

Where is the mountain when the clouds limit our view, when the storms come our way, when darkness falls?