Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I lift-up my eyes...

I was so excited when I walked the dogs this morning--- Kennesaw Mountain was back!  There's is something comforting about its presence.

I missed it over the weekend.  On a late night walk it was gone.  Through the darkness I caught the vague outline of its two soft peaks but that was all. What happens to the mountain when the darkness falls?

One day it was raining, storming actually (why I am walking the boys' dogs-- in the rain-- is for another post!), and the familiar mountain was nowhere to be seen.  Where was the mountain during the storm?

One morning the fog was so thick I could feel the moisture tickling the hairs on my arms-- I looked out over the horizon, but no mountain.  How do you find your way when the fog hides the familiar landmarks?

Where is the mountain when the clouds limit our view, when the storms come our way, when darkness falls?

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