Monday, August 6, 2012

Best-laid plans

This weekend we welcome Chris Robertson to our staff as our Minister of Students and Outreach.  I am confident that Chris and Katie will quickly feel at home as they share their gifts with us.

In preparing/clearing/cleaning-out his new office I stopped to look at the marker board I had commandeered late last summer.  A quick review reminded me of what was "on my plate" as we entered the fourth quarter of 2011:

  • plans for an adult mission trip to New Orleans
  • plans for the senior adult trip to Blue Ridge
  • notes about our directions for our Site Planning Committee
  • sermon plans for the next Sunday and on through advent
  • Minister of Music and Minister of Youth search committees
  • calendaring for budget development, deacon election, and nominating committee
What was missing from my planning in August 2011? No mention of land sale/ purchase, relocation, building committee, meeting with architect, or transition committee!

God has plans we can't see... or maybe just a wicked sense of humor!

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