Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Farewell to a Faithful Friend

Last Saturday I traveled to Montgomery AL to attend the funeral of Dr. Bob Franklin, former director of Missions for Noonday Baptist Association.  Bob was critically injured in a car accident last fall and died the previous Sunday.

The funeral was decidedly not a sad affair. The service featured music by Bob and Louise's grandchildren, inspiring recollections from their sons, and rousing songs of missions and the kingdom.  It was a fitting tribute to a faithful servant.

Bob Franklin saw things that others simply didn't see.  He saw in lay people the untapped power of missions and the church.  As his son, David remarked, "Bob didn't see men's work or women's work (or preacher work or layperson work, for that matter)- he just saw kingdom work." He saw in communities the potential for new churches.  He saw in churches the capacity to reach people and change lives.  He saw in relationships the potential for partnerships that would multiply possibilities.

Bob Franklin was a friend of Towne View Baptist Church. It was under his leadership that Noonday Baptist Association developed a commitment to starting churches as Cobb County grew.  It was Bob who helped connect the new church start with key supporters like Monroe Swilley, Bob Eubanks, and First Baptist Church of Rome. Bob's commitment to volunteer construction missions led to the development of Noonday's Builders for Christ- a group that helped to build our church-  both in its facilities and in opportunities for growth through service.

I am grateful for servant leaders like Bob Franklin.

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