Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Future is Now!

I always cringe a bit when I hear someone say something to the effect of "the youth are the future of the church."  I know these well-meaning friends' intentions are good but it only takes some time at Camp Wherry to realize that the future is now!

I am watching (...and cooking... and preaching a little) as our teens spend some incredibly HOT mornings working on housing remodeling projects.  A brief break for lunch and then they are back at it for Kidz Kamp.  I love the energy and love they share with dozens of children each day- most of which live in homes where English is not the first language they learn.  We re-group at night for heart-felt worship.  Along the way they encourage, challenge, and support each other.  Service... ministry... discipleship... worship... fellowship... sounds a lot like church to me!

These teens are today's church.  But, if my well-meaning friends from above are right... the future is in pretty good hands!

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