Monday, June 11, 2012

"Are We There, Yet?"

How many times did we excitedly ask "are we there, yet?" as children?  And how many times have we wearily answered as adults?

My Dad used to answer, "just around the next curve" or "just over the next hill." Traveling south Florida's flat. straight roads meant "curves" and "hills" tended to be few and far between!

A friend once told me that the vacation begins when you back out of the driveway- not when you get to your destination. Do we sometimes miss possibilities because we're so focused on the finish line?

Does it help to know where "there" is? "There" could be Disney World, the beach, a certain car, a key promotion... or a new building.

How will we know when we're there? Sometimes in the journey of life and faith it's not as easy as "x-marks the spot" or following mapquest. I have always been intrigued by God's instructions to Abram to "get packed and go to a land I will show you."  In other words, I will let you know where "there" is... when you get there.  God trusted Abram with a call... and Abram trusted God with a response.

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