Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Praise of Vacation Bible School

It's a little, no, make that a lot, quiet around the church this afternoon. We have completed four days of Vacation Bible School, are wrapping-up plans for Family Night, and are readying the finishing touches for Friday.  This week I have been reminded again of the importance of VBS.

It is obviously an important week for the 150+ children who have participated.  They've heard Bible stories, built friendships, sang some great songs, experienced the joy of creating, and consumed lots and lots of snacks.  Seeds have been planted that will nourish their souls for a lifetime. My prayers is that their families will encourage this growth in the days ahead.

This has been an important week for our church.  We have stretched our facilities and people resources to their limits.  Each day we have had over 225 children and workers in the building.  I am impressed by workers of all ages who have committed their time and energy to providing a great experience for their students. Along the way they have discovered new gifts... and some new, sore muscles!

It has also been an important week for me.  I have enjoyed my time on the floor with 15 four year-olds- though it is getting a bit more difficult to get up!  I am blessed and fortunate to be called pastor by a church that so generously invests its gifts in service to children and our community.

I remember that many of my earliest memories of church, God, and the Bible were shaped in Vacation Bible School.  In VBS I learned the stories of how God loved people and how that love was expressed through people. For many of us participation in Vacation Bible School is a trip down memory lane... that winds-up on the highway to the future!

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  1. Sore muscles, yes, but an overflowing heart! It was a wonderful week.