Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Frustrated Citizen

I am a frustrated citizen of this great nation. Not mad yet, just frustrated!

I am frustrated because leaders aren't leading.

I am frustrated with decisions that are made- or, sometimes not made- that impact my family, my future, my community, and even my church.

I am frustrated that leaders aren't listening- to one another or our citizenry. There seems to be too much talking "at" one another rather than talking "to" one another.

I am frustrated that too many of us are content to simply complain... or do nothing.

I am frustrated that our leaders, and even us "regular folk," seem to have lost the ability to "disagree agreeably." Taking differing positions or desiring differing solutions to common problems does not make us enemies.

So what can I do? As a citizen, I am empowered to be informed, involved, and ultimately to express myself with a ballot. As a Christian, I am encouraged to pray for those in leadership.

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