Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeling a Bit Older

I am feeling a bit older this morning.No, I didn't overdo in the yard or stay-up too late watching the Braves. It's all those college students!

Last night our church hosted the "Kick-off Cook-out" for the Baptist Collegiate Ministry of Kennesaw State and Southern Polytechnic. There were a hundred or so college students who consumed large quantities of hot dogs & hamburgers, played mixer games, and were exposed to the programs and ministries of BCM. They look younger every year and their energy and enthusiasm is amazing.

I felt a bit older because seeing these students took me on a trip down memory lane to my college days. I was active in the Baptist Stduent Union (as it was known back in the day) during my time at Shorter and was campus president my senior year. I didn't know it then but BSU provided a leadership development process that would shape the rest of my ministry. Our advisor, Dr. Joe Baskin, was a patient mentor and guide who remains a friend to this day. Priscilla also served as Shorter's BSU president her senior year.

I am grateful that Dave Stewart faithfully shares his gifts with KSU and SPSU students as Baptist Campus Minister. I encourage you to pray for Dave and Judy as they serve in our church and minister to the college community.

We had a nice contingent of Towne View folk here to prepare, cook, serve, and welcome. I appreciate our Missions Committee for their leadership and other members who pitched-in.

Come to think of it- maybe I'm not feeling so much older after all. The zeal of college students is contagious, the example of faithful servants is encouraging, and the generous spirit of our church is a blessing. Let's go- just maybe not quite so hard, quite so fast, or quite so late!!

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