Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project: BOOKS

I am trying to bring some degree of order to my books this week. I'm not sure why--- maybe it looked easier than cleaning my desk!

In doing so I am reminded of the cartoon on an old calendar where a little boy is sitting in the pastor's study and the minister says, "No Jimmy, books do not count as things of this world."

The task is probably taking longer than it should. It seems like many of the books have their own story to tell. I am reminded that Charlie Saylors from our church in Louisville was generous to give me a portion of his library when he retired from active ministry. I will always be grateful to Bill and Jennifer Green of Louisville for giving me a treasure in The Interpreter's Bible commentary set and to my parents for a Christmas present of The Broadman Bible Commentary, even though they had no idea what a commentary was. I find myself thinking about our seminary years as I wander through old text books. Priscilla and I both received a Master of Divinity degree but knew better than to take classes together- except for the Marriage Enrichment class that almost did us in! Lots of church history... especially baptist history.

I am trying to organize to keep the books I use most regularly closest at hand. Bibles (how have a collected a whole shelf of Bibles?), hymnals, and worship resources are within easy reach. Commentaries are just a step away. Philosophy and languages... top shelf, get the ladder!

I find myself easily distracted by files and photos stuffed between, behind, and on top of books. Some "stuff" seemed important to me at the time. Some items were important to other people for me to have at the time. Do I really need to hold onto calendars and directories from over thirty years of ministry in four different churches?

I hope to finish this project by the weekend... after all I still have taxes to do. Then, maybe, I can turn my attention to my desk...

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