Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anniversary Message- How Did We Get Here?

• We’re here because over 50 years ago Bob Franklin and Floyd Roebuck were classmates at Howard College (now Samford University) in Birmingham; in the 1980’s Dr. Franklin would lead Noonday Baptist Association to start a new church in the Kennesaw area and Dr. Roebuck would lead First Baptist Church of Rome to share generously of people and money to sponsor the new church
• We’re here because in their retirement Wayne Olsen came to Marietta to volunteer his time as a church start strategist; businessman Bob Eubanks shared generously of his financial resources; and Monroe Swilley served as interim pastor in those first critical months
• We’re here because folks like the Burketts and Tollisons and Laniers and Joneses left established churches to help start a new one; we’re here because friends and neighbors invited each other; we’re here because Gene Lanier drove down from Calhoun each Sunday to help care for babies in the nursery; we’re here because Joe and Elaine Stukes took the risk of bringing their three preschoolers and becoming the first black members of our congregation; we’re here because in time of controversy and discouragement there were those who held strong to the vision of Towne View Baptist Church; we’re here because in time a young congregation opened its arms to older adults; we’re here because God brought Locksana Karanja to Kennesaw from Kenya and opened doors to internationals; we’re here because God has brought people from all walks of life, indeed from all over the world, to this community, to this church. We’re here because folks looked beyond a motel conference room, looked beyond a shopping center, looked beyond a school cafeteria, looked beyond trailers to see a church!

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