Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Things

Around Christmas time each year my Mom liked to remind my brothers and me that "good things come in small packages." This was her not-so-subtle interjection into our debates over would have have the biggest (and obviously best) gift on Christmas morning. Over time I came to realize that "bigger (wasn't) always better-" that sometimes the gifts most treasured did indeed come in the smallest package.

That said, good things don't always come in small packages and conversely, not everything that comes in a small package is good.

Take this kidney stone that has had me in turmoil this week- please, take it! The stone is so small that is barely visable on a CT scan, yet has turned my world upside down- I've lost sleep, lost weight, lost time at work, and feel like I am about to lose my mind!

While this kidney stone takes its time deciding what to do (it has until tomorrow when I return to the doctor!) I have made a decision: I have decided that today I will be grateful for little things: like the crocus that is tentatively peeking its head up in our backyard, the finches darting about among the bird feeders and trees outside my office window, the gift of a smile and gentle hug, a word of encouragement from someone I was trying to help, God's still, small voice.

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