Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling Old(er)

I felt old(er) when I went to bed last night. The birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Yes, Elizabeth just turned fifteen. It was a television show that made me feel old. Not just any show, but the fifty-third presentation of the Grammy Awards.

How could a music awards show have such an impact on my psyche? I didn't know anybody! Well, almost anybody. I recognized a couple of country music performers, several of the life-time achievement award winners (that's like hearing the bands/musicians of your youth on the oldies stations), and, of course, Justin Bieber (I haven't been living on Mars for the last year!). Oh, and there were those acts known more for their outrageous behavior than their "music."

After seeing and hearing some of these performers I was grateful for what I had missed! Then I remembered my Dad's evaluation of the music I listened to as a teen... and felt old! Maybe every generation has to find a musical style that offends its parents!

Earlier Sunday evening I had visited Campus Church. The music was louder than I might normally choose and the style different than what I might normally prefer. But the message was clear... and the music and the message led that group of college students- and one Old(er) Baptist Preacher- into an experience of worship with the Living God.

Maybe every generation has to find a musical style that leads it to worship...

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