Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let it snow!

Reactions to our wintry weather have been varied... and interesting:

Sunday afternoon on my way home from church I snatched the last gallon of milk off the shelf.. not feeling guilty at all!

One of Thomas' room mates, a Chicago native, snarled "what are all these people so hyped about- it's just a little snow!"

Monday morning a neighbor walked about a mile to get a newspaper- only to find the convenience store closed!

By Tuesday afternoon another neighbor walked even further to get to out of her house (I mean to get to a coffee shop).

Wednesday night I realized that being at church on Wednesdays does not cause me to miss-out on any good television shows.

On the way into the office Thursday morning the radio news guy informed us that orthopedic surgeons are busy this week and obstetricians expect to be booming in early October!

The cardinals outside my window are beautiful but I wonder--- when are the robins coming?

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