Monday, January 31, 2011

An Investment in the Future

There was a sense of symmetry in Sunday's service. Like most times we gather for worship we enjoyed a variety of more contemporary and traditional musical styles, heard the reading of scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments, and were led in worship by both men and women, younger and older. But there was something more than that this week.

Early in the service we shared in a time of dedication for Jimmy and Julie Whitfield and their infant daughter, Emma (with big sister Lily along for support). We made promises as church and parents to love and encourage this new life towards God's future for her.

Later in the service we heard a powerful word of testimony from Collin Ross about his winter break mission experience in Haiti. I was touched by both what Collin had to say and how he said it. Now a college junior, Collin was a toddler when he and his family became a part of the Towne View family.

Between preschool and UGA there have been extended session volunteers, Sunday School teachers, Mission Friends leaders, choir workers, youth ministers, retreat chaperons, Vacation Bible School workers, and parents and grandparents who have encouraged him in his faith journey. Along the way he was given opportunities to discover his gifts and develop his skills in becoming a servant-leader.

Collin concluded his remarks with an expression of gratitude for a church family that encouraged his desire to want to do something like this mission trip. I am already looking forward to the story that one day Emma might have to share!


  1. Brought tears of joy to my eyes!!

  2. That is if her sister lets her tell the story! -From Julie

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