Sunday, January 23, 2011

deacons to Deacons

Sunday was a good day for our church as we ordained three new deacons. We don't do many hour and a half long services here so things may have felt a bit rushed towards the end. I hope you will indulge me the opportunity to reflect on some things I said during the service.

The act of ordination says something about those being ordained to the ministry of deacon. The act of ordination says that we see in them a depth of faith, sincerity of spirit, giftedness for service, and desire to minister that sets them apart as deacons.

The ordination of Matt, Hyacinth, and John also says something about our church. These three and their families came to us through neighborhood contact, the invitation/insistence of a friend, and the recommendation of a friend-of-a-friend. They represent the diversity of our church: black and white, male and female, new members and long-term investors in our ministry. As I watched the long line of folks pass by to bless them through the laying-on-of-hands I saw men and women, mothers, children, wives, brothers,friends,folks from the four corners of the globe called to this place to be church for one another.

Ultimately the service said something about God. We serve a God who gifts His children for service and the empowers us to use those gifts in service to the church and community. These gifts, and the responsibilities that accompany them, aren't just for the elite or extraordinary but for folks like Matt and Hyacinth and John and you and me.

My closing thoughts for the service came from 1Corinthians 1:1-9
** God has given us grace
**God has enriched us, gifted us, for service
**God will strengthen us as we serve
**God is faithful!

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