Monday, July 5, 2010


Sunday provided quite a contrast in worship experiences.

Sunday morning we shared communion with about 125 members and guests of historic Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church. The service featured traditional hymns, and elegant duet by two young Chinese women, a thoughtful sermon from Pastor Simon Perry, and a meaningful service of the Lord's Supper led by Pastor Ruth Goldbourne. Bloomsbury has held services at this location since 1848. It is now primarily an older congregation seeking to meet the needs of its community while many of its members drive-in from the suburbs to maintain that commitment. They have tea and biscuits for a time of fellowship after each service.

Sunday afernoon we traveled to the Dominion Theatre (which currently hosts the big stage Broadway-style production of "We Will Rock You-" based on the music of Queen) to worship with HillSong London. There were probably 1,500-2,000 primarily young folks present in this, the middle of their three Sunday afternoon services. Music was high-energy with a 7-member praise team, 6-member band, and top-notch lighting and visual effects. And I must not forget the smoke machine.

Older and younger. Hymns and praise songs. Organ and band. Traditional and lights & smoke. Historic building and rented theatre. All for the glory of God.


  1. in spite of the differences in sight and sound,
    all of those hearts were singing the same language.

  2. I hope you have the opportunity to go to Bulgaria at some point as well. Worshiping with the Roma people -with them singing in their native tongue- is one of the most moving experiences I have ever felt. We all are worshiping the same Lord in our own unique way.

  3. Wow...I think you know which I would prefer. I forgot about the one bath...they are experiencing my childhood!!