Monday, July 5, 2010

London Observations

*This was supposed to have posted Thursday, Jul 1-- see observation #2.

1. Man-capris aren't just for Orlando.

2. Computers can be frustrating anywhere.

3. Four people (3 females) and one bathroom don't make for a fast get-away.

4. The distances between stops on a subway map are not drawn to scale.

5. You can live without a cell phone... it's actually sort of nice!

6. So far on BBC- America we've seen episodes of Judge Judy, Friends, Project Runway, and CSI. No wonder folks have such warped impressions of the United States.

7. We've walked around Westminster Abbey this afternoon. The statues of 20th century martyrs makes we wonder how far we'd go for our faith.


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  1. The obstacles make the adventure, don't you know? :o) I didn't know there were statues of 20th century martyrs at Westminster. I had to go Googling for an image and details of each person. Now I'm wondering.