Friday, July 9, 2010

St. Paul's Cathedral

Thursday afternoon we visited St. Paul's Cathedral. Wow!

The building itself is an imposing structure than dominates the London skyline. In the busy-ness of the city there is this constant reminder of the presence of God. Maybe even a reminder of the abiding presence of God since believers have worshipped at this site for over a thousand years.

Elizabeth, Shadae, and I climbed the 528 steps to the highest level of the dome and enjoyed an astounding view of the city--- once we caught our breath!

The Cathedral's purpose is to glorify God in its worship, service, and even its architecture. They seem to have renewed their commitment to the enhancement of worship through the visual arts by adding contemporary paintings and other pieces to the statuary and artwork of the centuries. Maybe we inheritors of the puritan tradition have missed/lost something through the removal of art from our tools for worship.

As an added treat we were able to listen-in on the London Symphony Orchestra as they rehearsed for a concert to be held at the Cathedral later in the evening.

Priscilla and I stayed for the evensong service. It has been a busy and hectic week. There was rest for the spirit in the liturgy of scripture, prayer, and song.


  1. Pastor,
    Really enjoying the updates. Very impressed with your blogging skills! I can just picture you at Starbucks now enjoying a $8 cup of joe.
    God Bless,

  2. Jim,
    Thanks for the updates. Do you have an A to Zed? A must for getting around in London! I am impressed that you climbed the steps and I pray the you all have established a schedule for the bathroom!
    Love and miss you.