Monday, March 4, 2013

24th Anniversary Thoughts

Last Sunday we celebrated the twenty-fourth anniversary of the first public worship service of what we would come to know as "Towne View Baptist Church." As with most anniversaries we took time to remember:

  • "Hall of Fame" leaders like Monroe Swilley (pastor/baptist leader), Bob Franklin (director of missions), and Bob Eubanks (layman/baptist benefactor)
  • generous, supportive churches like First Baptist Church of Marietta and First Baptist Church of Rome
  • those who provided leadership and direction through successive moves from the motel to the shopping center to the school, to the trailers, to the building, and now to Lockhart
  • God, who above all, has been faithful through all the twists and turns of the journey
In my sermon I sought to make the case that along the way:
  • we have been a mission church- the result of another's mission
  • we have been a mission-minded church- giving our money so that others could be missionaries
  • we have been a mission-supporting church- encouraging and sending members to "do" missions as an expression of their Christian faith
  • we now face the challenge of being a "missional church-" creating an environment where members see themselves as missionaries in their communities of work and leisure and where as a church we see all that we do as a part of God's mission for us.
Anniversaries are a time to look back (where have we been?) with gratitude and look forward (where do we go from here?) with hope.

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