Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Moving Experience

"Where did this come from?"
"Oh, that's where that was!"
"Gosh, the kids were young then."
"I hadn't thought about them for a while."
"Why did we keep that?"
"Where are we going to put this?"
"This room looks so much bigger now!"
"Do you remember when..."

These are some of the thoughts I've heard expressed from others- and myself- over the course of our moving the last week or so. It is truly amazing what you can find when you move.  I have a friend who says everyone should move every ten years.  As I settle into my fifth office while pastor at Towne View I'm not so sure!

As book cases were removed, cabinets come down, and carpets pulled-up you can see what the church "was made of." A concrete floor, 2x4 studs, drywall, and steel reveal construction materials- but don't really show "what the church was made of."

It was in the energy of members young and old, the smiles over quick lunch, the laughter generated by well-told stories, the sweat of heavy-lifting, the wistful smiles of memories, the expressions or gratitude for God's faithfulness, the hope-filled glances to the future... this is what our church is "made of."


  1. So true. We became members of this church not because of the building but because of the love of the congregation.