Monday, September 17, 2012


Change is in the air.  I could feel it this morning as I walked the dogs.  A little cooler, maybe a little crisper. Oh, we'll still have a couple more warm, maybe even hot, days- but autumn is on the way.

My family, like yours, is experiencing change.  Our kids are getting older- even if we're not!

Our church is certainly in a period of significant change.  The biggest challenge may be the simple fact that the most immediate changes are only stepping stones to even bigger changes.

It's probably not a bad thing for all of us to be reminded that change really isn't a four-letter word!

Brian McLaren offers the following prayer in his book, Naked Spirituality:

All that I'm now going through
Will make me better or bitter,
Break down or breakthrough.
Learning this patience-- it takes so much patience.
It's a great education,
But why is the tuition so high?
Why God, why?

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  1. I especially like this prayer. In the midst of the uncomfortable meanwhile, I am praying for the "better" and the "breakthrough."