Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Repeating Myself

Over the last couple of days I have noticed that I am repeating myself. Now I am used to the pained look from my children of "do we have to hear this story again?" This is something different- different audiences, different conversations, different circumstances- just the same recurring theme. Some may already be thinking, "here he goes again!"

My thought? What a wonderfully gifted, talented, caring, and diverse group of people God has brought together in Towne View Baptist Church! I have told this story while impressed with the efforts of those who contributed to our Holy Week worship experiences. I repeated this line while being amazed at the diligence and knowledge that members have brought to the work of key committees. I shared this impression as I observed the energy and enthusiasm that made our Easter Eggstravaganza such a special occasion for so many families.

Our job as ministers is to enlist, equip, and encourage. We enlist successfully when we help people find the right opportunity to put their gifts into service. We equip as we provide the training and resources necessary to help people do what God has called them to do. We encourage through prayer and affirmation (public and private)as people use their God-given gifts, enhanced by God-provided resources, to accomplish their God-directed task.

Its a good story... worth repeating!

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