Monday, April 2, 2012


Monday mornings are usually consumed with "clean-up" from Sunday: checking through fellowship pads, a quick review of the offering, sorting through notes scribbled in the margins of my bulletin and randomly stuffed in my Bible, a mental "sorting" of conversations, and a post portem of the sermon.

This morning I realized that I forgot something. This isn't a novel experience for me- I all too often forget to pick-up a gallon of milk on my way home and there are days where it may take two (or sometimes three) trips to get out of the office. But this was something good, something that impacted me and I wanted to share in the context of the Palm Sunday sermon. This was a big "oops!"

Sooo.. here we go: New testament scholar Fred Craddock reflected on John's record of the triumphal entry as follows, "Jesus is Lord and King by virtue of who he is, totally apart from public praise. Faith does not make him who he is; faith recognizes who he is."

Lord, this Holy Week, give us eyes to see.

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  1. That's ok. If you can forgive us of all our Oops moments, I guess we can let you slide. :)