Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lessons to be (re)learned

"Sometimes I sits and thinks... sometimes I just sits."

I'm not certain who to credit for the quote but it is certainly worth sitting and thinking on for a time.

I'm in a somewhat reflective state of mind today because it was on June 28 last year that we caught the plane for our study leave in London. I spent almost a year getting me (and the church) getting ready for what turned-out to be an unforgettable month of rest, reflection, and renewal.

It has been exciting to have those "hey, we were there" moments while watching a television show, movie... or royal wedding. I have maintained my interest in Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church through their website and e-mail correspondence with their minister. Priscilla, Elizabeth, and I find ourselves regularly sharing "London memories." I remain incredibly grateful for the opportunity that our church family provided us.

In looking back, I am reminded what a slow learner I am. It is at this point that I ask you to pray for me and possibly even join me in the journey:

I stay too busy. Time away from our routines and responsibilities is important- even God took a day-off! Busy-ness does not always equal productivity. We are in the midst of a complex and busy season in our church (and in my family as well) but I still need to discipline myself to "be still and know (maybe remember) that He is God."

I don't read enough. When we went through orientation at seminary Dr. Ronald Deering, the director of the library, told us "in the class rooms you will learn from some of the brightest scholars of this generation, when you come to this library you will learn from the best minds of the ages." I haven't read as many books in the eleven months since we returned as I did in the month of my study leave. I need to engage with others to reinforce what I know and to challenge what I thought I knew- books are a great way to accomplish this.

I need to take better advantage of what's around me.
I don't need to go overseas to find a beautiful park, lovely lake, interesting museum, or experience God in new patterns of worship. Now- all of these were wonderful gifts that I experienced in London- but they are available to me here in north Georgia. Maybe I need to make a new list of "sights to see and places to be."

As I said... I'm a slow learner...

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