Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Changing the Landscape

Work has begun in earnest on the the University Club on Frey student housing development. With plans to open in August 2012 the developers anticipate about 450 students will occupy the townhouse-style facility.

Right now, things are a mess- a noisy, dusty, active mess. Heavy equipment is in and out, trees are down and gone, and they haven't even started moving dirt, yet... other than the swirling red-clay dust. It takes a lot of work to build something new and the landscape has to change for us to see beyond familiar surroundings to a new view of the future.

With all of this going on around us there is much work going on in our church as well. This work is just as active, almost as noisy, and also involves kicking-up some dust.

Our mission team to Bulgaria is back and our Builders for Christ will soon be on their way to Utah. Ben Gribble is already in Cambodia. Plans are well underway for our youth mission trip to Camp Wherry in Smyrna TN and for our children's camp at Centri-kid in Norman Park GA.

Daniel Rice is on-the-go as our summer youth ministry assistant. He's off to a great start working on plans for Camp Wherry, supervising Vacation Bible School recreation, Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday youth events, and other opportunities for our youth. I am grateful the Lord led Daniel our way and invite you to pray for him and support him in whatever ways possible.

Oh yes- it's the week before Vacation Bible School- need I say more? Enrollment is approaching 140 children- which means we'll probably have at least 150 participants. I encourage your prayers for these children, their families, and for our witness to the community. Pray also for our VBS director, Melanie Connell, and for all of our volunteers.

Pray for me- I am trying something new in my approach to preaching for the summer. This summer I will be preaching through the book of 1Peter. I haven't done this type of exposition in a while so I would appreciate your prayers. You can help me by reading through 1Peter regularly- you could read one chapter a day each week through the summer to "prime your pump" as we explore God's word together.

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