Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lagniappe is a wonderful word. Mark Twain in Life on the Mississippi says it is "a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get." It's hard for a dictionary to define most anything cajun but the book definition is "something given gratuitously or by way of good measure." Basically lagniappe is more of an experience than a word, it is something added, that unexpected extra. In the vocabulary of faith we call these blessings.

I am reveling in a lagniappe moment now-- and it hasn't even happened yet! You see, Saturday afternoon we'll have our Bluegrass and Burgers for Bulgaria event. The purpose of the event is to raise funds to support our team that will be in Bulgaria May 28-June 5 to assist in the opening of the Borovtsi Training and Transition Center. This team, members include Lorraine Roote, Hyacinth Crooks, and Teresa Denmark (joined by Tom and Lorraine's daughter, Patti Lowe)will be our fifth to assist missionaries Paul and Judy Ridgway. The money we raise will help off-set costs and provide supplies for the trip.

The lagniappe, the blessing if you will, is in all that is going on to make the event possible. Our Missions Committee (Hyacinth Crooks, Charles Dixon, Alison Nokes, Shirley Morris, John Trimble) has given generously of their time and skills. Other members of our fellowship have jumped-in, friends, neighbors, and local businesses have joined in making, donating, and volunteering.

Food, music, games, silent auction... all these will help meet our goal of raising money. The development of fellowship, leadership, service, friendships, generous spirits, a sense of mission... now that's lagniappe from God!

**all that stuff in the first paragraph came from Wikipedia
**for more information about the Transition Center, Bulgarian Child, Inc., and missionaries Paul and Judy Ridgway go to

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