Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Future Starts Now

As a congregation we are in the process of discerning God's direction in two key areas of our church life: the master planning of our land and facilities; and the shaping of ministry staff. The decisions we ultimately make in these two areas will shape the ministry of Towne View Baptist Church long into the future. In that sense, the future starts now!

Our Site Planning Committee and Personnel Committee are seeking the input of our membership as they fulfill their responsibilities. You may participate by completing the survey prepared by each committee. Go to our church website www.towneview.org and click the "church survey" button. Each survey takes about five minutes to complete... even I could do it! Paper copies are available at church if you aren't internet active or encounter difficulties on-line.

Further opportunities for involvement will come as the committees schedule "listening groups" for informal conversations and more formal discussions during congregational business sessions. Any final decisions will be made by the congregation.

As a church we seek to hear and follow God's direction in a variety of ways. We begin with individual prayer, continue with the enlistment of gifted members to study and pray through their committee processes, and as baptists, we trust God to speak through the decisions of the church body. Your participation in the process isn't just about expressing your personal preferences, it is a part of the larger task of discovering God's direction for our church and its ministry. The future starts now!

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