Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Call Me

Through the course of a week I am called by many names... to my face! Often times someone will ask me, "what should I call you?" That all depends...

Rev. Conrad
is what I am called either by salespeople trying to impress or those few remaining people who rate "clergy" as a profession slightly ahead of car salesman or loan shark.

Mr. Conrad tends to be the choice of teachers, folks in the community who know me in a professional setting, or friends/family of my children.

Dr. Conrad is a title I simply don't respond to-- those who use it are simply trying to impress and don't know my disdain for ministers who like to be called "doctor" but haven't done the work to earn the degree or title.

Jim is just fine for me. It lets me know that people are OK with me as a person, whether or not I may be their minister. For some, it is an open acknowledgment that I can be both friend and minister.

Pastor is a term that it took a surprisingly long time for me to grow comfortable with being called. I have come to appreciate it as a representation of my roles as pastor/shepherd/teacher/preacher/minister/leader (it also picks-up all that white space at the bottom of the job description!).

Pastor Jim may be my favorite title because it comes from the mouths of our children and youth. One of my chief goals in ministry is to be an accessible model for our children. Pastor Jim always gets my attention!

Call me what you will... just call me!

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