Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fans and Fanatics

Almost heaven... football season (sorry, John Denver!). It's time for the south's favorite three-day weekend- high school football on Friday night, college games on Saturday, and the NFL on Sunday. Let's all offer a prayer of thanks for the inventor of the remote (my brother and I were the remote when we were kids).

It was interesting to watch the array of games available over the weekend. Football teams evoke great loyalty with devotees expending large amounts of money on uncomfortable seats, color-coordinated clothing, and official team paraphenalia. There's a lot of conformity accompanying the songs, chants, and gestures that have been passed down through the generations. Radio call-in shows, websites, and coaches' television shows keep the faithful in touch, informed, and "fired-up." Did you know that the nickname for the football team at the University of Arkansas-Monticello is the "Boll Weevils?" The women's sports teams at UA-M are known as the "Cotton Blossoms."

Why is it that church folk who give money, observe the rituals, sing the songs, attend gatherings faithfully, and enjoy talking about Jesus are "fanatics" instead of fans? Go team!

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