Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Easy Button

Sometime back a "friend" gave me one of those big red "easy buttons." This week I slid a stack of papers on my desk and then heard a "thud." I had broken my easy button! It was just as well... I could never get it to work anyway!

Unfortunately, there is no "easy button" for the living of life. I have found some things, though, that can make it a bit easier:

Prayer helps me stay in touch with God and helps turn my attention from the problems before me to the certainty of His love.

Reading my Bible
helps me find strength in the stories of God and God's people.

Worship keeps me connected with God and with my faith family.

Friends encourage me by their presence and patience.

None of these are majic buttons but together they help make traveling the journey of life just a bit easier.

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