Monday, August 23, 2010


I start my journey most days with a clear destination in mind--- 1115 Shiloh Road in Kennesaw-- otherwise known as "the office." I have been making this trip consistently for about 13 years- sometimes it seems like the Yukon could do it on autopilot.

Yet, it seems that each day brings its own adventure. Timing is crucial since I have to hit "the windows" of peak traffic for each of the three schools I pass before even getting to US 41. To miss "the window" is the equivalent of being sent back to "start."

Before I leave the house I have consulted local television news reports on traffic conditions. Once I am in the car "Captain Herb" is my constant companion. Some mornings I don't even need "Captain Herb" to tell me of a mess on I-75-- traffic has already backed-up on 41-- backed-up on Kennesaw-Due West Road-- backed up to the point I can't even get out of our neighborhood. Ouch!

When I reach 41 I face my next big decision: go through downtown Kennesaw or go around on Chastain Road? Through town and you roll the dice with lane closures, road work, and the train tracks. Around past McCollum Field now leads right into the traffic chaos surrounding Kennesaw State University. Sometimes I feel like the lab rat in the T-maze-- faced with equally undesirable options!

Of course, I am not alone. I am surrounded by other cars and drivers- some evidently not sure of their destinations, others even less patient than I. Some are applying make-up, others eating/drinking breakfast, too many chatting away on cell phones. We're sharing the same roads but going in different directions.

Navigating traffic might not be a bad metaphor for life-- it helps if you have the adequate resources, accurate directions, a little patience, and a good idea of where you're going.

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