Monday, August 9, 2010

Throw-back church

It has been an interesting first week "back in the saddle." I think I finally felt fully "home" Sunday as we gathered for worship. Familiar faces, new faces (I guess I was a bit of both with my "new look"), and a full-house were quite a welcome.

I am quickly reminded of the many ways our church is connected with our community. I was greeted by back-to-school supplies for Chalker Elementary School. After supper, prayer meeting, and choir practice last Wednesday our sanctuary hosted the community quilting group on Thursday night. Friday night this same space was set-up for the rehearsal for Saturday afternoon's wedding of a couple in the community. Sunday was well, Sunday: deacons and Nominating Committee meeting before Sunday School, Bible Study, worship, and the children's ministry end-of-summer party. Precinct workers were here today (Monday) making preparations for Tuesday's primary election run-off. This Saturday afternoon we will host a one-day revival service for the Kenyan Christian community. We have now marked the calendar for Tuesday, August 24, for the first of the weekly worship services of the Kennesaw State/Southern Polytechnic Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

There once was a time when the church was at the center of the life of the community. The church offered its community its facilities, welcome, and hospitality. These are gifts we may still offer as we seek to be the presence of Christ in our community.

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