Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I am watching, listening, sometimes feeling, even smelling the site work for our new facility this morning.  After weeks of rain it's been great to see progress again.

Our Building Committee continues diligently in their work.  The contractor is already pressing for decisions on paint, floor coverings, light fixtures, and bathroom accessories- and we don't even have a wall up, yet! These are the little things that will draw attention as people enter the new building.  This is what will be seen. We want all these small decisions to fit right, look right, feel right.

Yet, the most important work is being done now- moving dirt and preparing for the foundation.  At some point floors and walls and ceilings will draw attention upward and the dirt work will never be seen again.  But this un-seen work must be done first, and done well, or all that comes after will never be quite right.

I've stopped thinking about the building of a building now... I feel the need to give attention to the building of a life...


  1. the unseen part of me cheers your epiphany.

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