Monday, November 19, 2012


Though we observe Thanksgiving Day, I prefer to think of this as a "season of thanksgiving." One day shouldn't be able to contain our gratitude!

I am thankful for family.  We'll travel this week to see my parents in Florida for a couple of days and I am reminded of the example Pop and Granny have given me and my children.  I remain thankful for the family where I am husband and Dad- what a great wife and children God has given me!

I am thankful to be called "pastor" by this church family. It is overwhelming to consider the love and encouragement we so generously share. There aren't many churches that could remain open to God's leadership in the ways we have encountered in this last year.

And yes, this week as I am thankful for family and faith, I am thankful for food, football and freedom! This is a great land we call home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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