Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Herding Cats

Leadership in a church can be challenging- I have often likened it to "herding cats."

Sometimes when folks say "lead us" their request actually means "lead us where we already want to go."

Sometimes "help us change" really means "I'm quite happy where I am- help that other guy change."

Some like to lead from the conquered hill, "I've accomplished this, now the rest of you need to get on board."

Others will lead from behind, "I've told you what to do, now go!"

I know of pastors who lead their churches on a military model- as generals commanding the troops. Some follow a business model where the pastor functions as Chief Executive. Every now and again a pastor will think that he has filled a vacancy in the trinity and lead from a sense of spiritual superiority.

Our church is in a time of significant decision-making. Each decision simply opens a door for future decisions- all holding great challenges and possibilities for our mission. My biggest prayer is that I stay in tune with God's leadership and that as a church we will clearly hear his voice and follow his leadership... with minimum hissing, clawing, and scratching and as much purring as possible.

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  1. We are praying with you on this!
    cats (shakes head and smiles)