Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Change of View

I've always liked the worship space in our church. I like it's openness and especially the windows. I enjoy the light the windows welcome and the views that they provide.

While nursing a cup of coffee this morning I looked towards the windows and was confronted with the change in decor we incorporate during Advent. Instead of the sights of green shrubs, blue skies(okay, they're gray today!, and passing cars I was greeted by the rich purple, gold, and blue images of shepherds, Mary and Joseph, and, of course, Jesus. Two years ago Trey took an idea, improved on it, and Chuck Smith's production team transformed that idea into our beautiful window inserts.

The window inserts shield our view of the outside while forcing us to focus our attention on the nativity. Not a bad idea for this time of year!

Our inserts remind us that Advent is a time to change what we see... how we see... and ultimately, Who we see.

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