Monday, October 10, 2011

Glad to be Home!

Even though I was in the office last week I have felt a little out of touch and disconnected by being away the last two Sundays. I was "in church," just not in "my church."

On the first Sunday we were in New Orleans with our adult mission trip. We had to change Sunday plans when the cruise ship was dry-docked and the center closed for the day. We were blessed to share baptism, the Lord's Supper, and a wonderful worship service with First Baptist Church. I confess (and Priscilla will attest) that it isn't easy for me not to squirm when I am in a pew!

Yesterday I was "in the pulpit" as I preached for the 130th anniversary service of Fifth Avenue Baptist Church in Rome GA. I served this church as Associate Pastor/Minister of Youth & Children for two years before going to seminary. FABC is the church that ordained me thirty years ago and is also the church where Priscilla and I were married. It was a bittersweet trip down memory lane as we visited with friends from days past and missed those who had died, moved, or for various reasons moved to other churches in the community.

It was good to be away but is good to be back and will be even better when I can worship with "my church" this Sunday. We don't have the size, facilities, or other resources of First Baptist Church of New Orleans. We don't have the history and heritage of Fifth Avenue Baptist Church in Rome. What we do have is an incredibly gifted and loving collection of families in our family, motivated with a desire to serve, and blessed by a faithful God.

I can't wait for Sunday!

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