Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Things

My Dad always said it was "the little things" that made a business successful. It's "the little things" that make a big difference at church as well.

Week by week I am blessed... and many others are as well- by folks who:

-help guests find a seat
-bring in extra seats when needed
-seek out guests to greet and make welcome
-clean-out the coffee pots
-cross the generational divide to speak to a fellow worshiper
-take out the trash
-jump in to help when an activity is short-handed
-put a little extra in the offering- just because
-offer a smile to a squirmy child
-clean a counter-top or wash a coffee cup (even if the mess wasn't theirs!)
-ask "how are you, today?" and really mean it

Most of the time these "little things" are done without asking!

Help me out- what "little things" done by big-hearted people have I missed?

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