Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adventures in Being Temporarily Misdirected

We have been in New Orleans less than forty-eight hours and have found ourselves temporarily misdirected on several occasions. Hence, a couple of observations:

It is more fun being temporarily misdirected in daytime than at night.

Maps and mapquest are helpful for the temporarily misdirected but expect too much of the user.

It is comforting, even enjoyable, to be temporarily misdirected with friends.

Being temporarily misdirected can expose you to all sorts of wonderful sights and experiences that might have been missed otherwise.

Today we served lunch for a port safety workers group, tonight we are sharing hospitality ministry with a group of Filipino seafarers, and tomorrow we will help host a series of cruise ship workers. I am glad that our group, and our church, can help support the efforts of Global Maritime Ministries as they share good news... and directions for life... with temporarily misdirected seafarers!

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