Monday, October 25, 2010

An Encouraging Day

I preached a sermon yesterday on "Barnabas- the encourager" and came home from church encouraged--- go figure!

I was encouraged by our worship. Sharing communion is always a special occasion-- this one was enhanced for me by Wanda and Phebe's beautiful accompaniments, the reverent service of our deacons, Clint and Alison"s reading of scripture, John's heartfelt prayer, and the singing of our "great choir," the congregation.

I was encouraged by the "coming and goings." It's exciting to know that a college student like Daniel Rice has joined our fellowship as he prepares for missions service. Ken and Carleen Newton have blessed our church in many ways during their time with Kristina and Alexa and we will miss them as they return to Brazil. The missions lunch saw over 100 people "come" for good food and even better fellowship and raise money for those who will be "going" to New Orleans next month to work with Global Maritime Ministries.

I was encouraged by being a "witness" at the closing of our land sale. Our Real Estate Committee: Jimmy Bobo, Dave Cogdell, Scott Conti, Jerry Jansen, and Jim Smith (chair) have served us well in diligently carrying this process to conclusion. By the time the transfers are completed this afternoon we will have paid-off our current mortgage on the land and building and will have over $700,000 "in the bank" towards future plans.

All-in-all quite an encouraging day for this suburban parson. To God be the glory!

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